LIES TO LIVE BY/short fiction:

Paul Adkins Resolution 666

Miles Allinson Leaving leisureland

Elizabeth Bryer The waiting

Elizabeth Bryer Calculations

Ben Carmichael The Antique

Maxine Beneba Clarke Black Lazarus

David Cohen White goods

Craig Cormick The last islands in the world

Christopher Currie The unloved

Eric Dando A very big bean

Rjurik Davidson Otherworld

Rjurik Davidson The interminable suffering of mysterious Mr Wu

Callie Doyle-Scott Blurred impressions

Daniel East Scenes from Orbital brides: the lady’s request

Duncan Felton Clue Five

David Finnigan 18 play ideas from 2002

David Finnigan Dear Dolly

Finnigan and Brother Potential band names

Irma Gold The game

Andy Jackson Candles

Pseudonymous Jones Song

Pseudonymous Jones Rilke was a jerk

Pseudonymous Jones Brother

Leah Kaminsky Heart attack

Wayne Macauley Reply to a letter

Sharanya Manivannan Self-portrait without mythology

Kirk Marshall Bear vs plane!

Luke May Drunkest man in the room

Simonne Michelle-Wells Blood

Ruby J Murray Maps to Jakarta

Pierz Newton-John The kite

Ryan O’Neill A first draft

Ryan O’Neill The Chinese lesson

Louise Pine Each morning

Josephine Rowe Before the power went out

JL Shenstone The exit

JL Shenstone What it’s like to want to write when all they want is for you to sing

Warwick Sprawson War on cheese

Shane Strange Eight rules for making fire

Vicki Thornton A matter of balance  

Julie Thorndyke Movement

Lara S. Williams The pre-dentist not wearing red

Lara S. Williams You were lost within my sights

Bel Woods My sheets were freshly cleaned and smelled of lilac


Cassandra Atherton Cherry Bomb

Eric Dando Three Dead Fish an excerpt from Snail

Andrea Goldsmith A moment of falling two excerpts from Reunion

Alan Gould The mudda an excerpt from a forthcoming novel

Glenda Guest Chapter One: early fragments first-draft biography

Francesca Rendle-Short One day in English an extract from Bite Your Tongue

 BEING SURE/non-fiction:

David Cohen The anatomy of the blurb

David Cohen Adventures in the book – and shirt – trade

Ray Greener A theory of Australian literature

Tiggy Johnson The poet said fuck on stage

Helena Pastor What’s updog?

Francesca Rendle-Short My father’s body in nine drawings

John Smith Eulogy for a fisherman’s village


Ivy Alvarez Garage (hat)

Ivy Alvarez Dark bathroom

Karen Andrews At the park

Jeremy Balius Gather, darkness

S. Van Berkel The cold drip of dawn

Gabrielle Bryden What will it take?  

Susie Campbell Hours & days

Ashley Capes Stamped flat stamped

Shane Jesse Christmass A hundred set apart in a herd

Shane Jesse Christmass Shank’s mare

Shane Jesse Christmass Politics of meat

Maxine Beneba Clarke Subtext

Nathan Curnow I shoot you at the pond

Demet Divaroren Unroadworthy love

Brad Frederiksen Onya Mum

Andrew Galan  Bag bog cat, the caterpillar an’ the glue man

Andrew Galan Duck Part 2

Andrew Galan The mother poem

Andrew Galan Upstairs food court

Andrew Galan Where is the werewolf?

Paul Hetherington Brothers

Paul Hetherington Parrots

Paul Hetherington Tissue

Paul Hetherington Holding

Andy Jackson No shelter

Mark William Jackson Heroisch

Mark William Jackson Hell’s band

Tiggy Johnson Shopping for girls

Nathaniel Lindsay Astronaut haiku

Lesley Lebkowicz A charm to keep him safe

Lesley Lebkowicz Booze

Lesley Lebkowicz Canberra

Lesley Lebkowicz Done

Lesley Lebkowicz Snake

Emily Manger Rage with exactitude

Sonja Meyer Transition

Tara Mokhtari Someone else

Tara Mokhtari Darkest blue

Derek Motion Invasion

Alison Murray Something took form

Agnieszka Niemira An untitled

Agnieszka Niemira untitled

A. S. Patric What we’ve done

JL Shenstone Nights of wine

Alicia Sometimes The cosmos revisited


Ivy Alvarez Negotiating death

Jeremy Balius Associations

Ashley Capes Stepping over seasons

Maxine Beneba Clarke Raising the dead

Christopher Currie The furious progress of Christopher Currie

Zoe Dattner SPUNC

Rjurik Davidson Breaking

Mary Delahunty Jumping through and managing the tangle

Alice Gage Ampersand & I

Irma Gold Two steps forward

Irma Gold Unexpected gifts

Andrea Goldsmith The well-exercised imagination 

Alan Gould The deepest enchantment

Glenda Guest Australia’s new hero of magic realism

Andy Jackson Among the poets

Mark William Jackson War by candlelight

Tiggy Johnson A first taste

Jonny Lewis The restorative photographer

Wayne Macauley The possibilities of Wayne Macauley

Anthony Macris Mounting the fight

Kuzhali Manickavel Disturbing things

Kazhali Manickavel Disturbing dialogues

Tara Mokhtari Whiskey poetry

Derek Motion Solutions

Ruby J Murray Temple of literature

Omar Musa Hope and risk  

Richard Neville The bumpy ride of exposing shit-heads

Pierz Newton-John An endless wellspring 

Ryan O’Neill Tearing through the envelope

Francesca Rendle-Short The buoyancy of courage

Francesca Rendle-Short Writing in the gap between

Josephine Rowe The transitions of Josephine Rowe

Ronnie Scott Brow by brow


Robyn Cadwallader The remembered, the haunted, and the differing

Robyn Cadwallader The playful provocation of a complex tapestry

Tristan Foster The leading role of simple things

Tristan Foster Untruths sculpted into truths

Mark William Jackson Thoroughly modern poets in triptych

Lesley Lebkowicz Hard notes of war

Geoff Page The circumstances of a book


Miles Allinson Light heart girl

Daniel Armstrong Abandoned cubby huts: dreaming and decay

Maxine Beneba Clarke It’s a call to prayer and a call for blood

Robert Knapman Johnny and Dave

Ruby J Murray Funfair

Ruby J Murray Toy guns

Liesl Pfeffer Things half seen

Chloe Rose Fitzroy Sky/Wonderland

Chloe Rose unseen

Lee Sandwith Photosynthesis

Lee Sandwith The decline

Michael Talbot Urban apparitions

Ernest Williamson III Love and its needs


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