Barmah – Murray River Camp, 1996 (Neil Boyack)

25 Jan

A boar’s head is mounted on the wall

high above the pool table

alongside record breaking cod, fresh water crays


Barmah Pub ceiling fans chop the hot air and the cob webs

moving the black hair

of the aboriginal women playing pool below


scars on their faces

beneath the heaviest February sweat

a pink line through the lips from the handlebars of a bike

a pink line on the forehead from a submerged log


the smiling, larger woman has red stilettos

the wiry woman bare feet


pool cues as guitars to ACDC

cutting in at volume

from the sun stained jukebox


their kids in the corner with

crayons and lemonade

searching for space

in old colouring books



through the window and over the road

the river grooves the earth

so humid, the birds are dead

only cicadas live


an aboriginal man lays on a patchwork car bonnet

beneath a block of river gums

instructing kids on how to kick the footy

sipping beer

loving things




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