Shopping for girls (Tiggy Johnson)

12 Jul

It’s too late to get my daughter

newborn stilettos

a baby makeover

cotton crop bras in size 0

or a romper to claim her daddy just wanted a blowjob.

Perhaps next birthday she’ll get

Bratz dolls

six-pack of pretty g-strings

sequinned bikini

porn star t-shirt

or Playboy lip gloss: In the Mood.

In a couple of years maybe

a push-up tween bra

computer game where she can buy virtual breast implants

lacy corset

her first pair of dominatrix boots

or a kiddie magazine with the cover story I’m ready for my first time.

When she starts high school, there’ll be

tickets to see the Pussycat Dolls

gastric banding

Brazilian waxing

a t-shirt suggesting cats are powerful

or one saying It’s not rape if you yell surprise.

Once she turns sixteen

a pole-dancing kit

meal replacement shakes

voucher for Botox

her first Vajazzle

a weekend away with her boyfriend

or a boozy party playing Spin the Bottle.

When she first moves out

a plant for her hydroponic garden

set of satin sheets

lift to her first porno shoot

and a business card for a local shrink.

Then once she’s all grown up

I don’t think there’ll be anything left.


This poem is included in Tiggy Johnson’s new poetry collection, First Taste, which is available at St Kilda Readings and Collected Works.  Otherwise, order directly through Page Seventeen.

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  1. Tiggy Johnson – First Taste « ashley capes - September 4, 2010

    […] It was fantastic to be involved with these poems, with a collection Graham Nunn says is ‘brimming with domestic luminosity‘ and I do agree. The poems in First Place reveal an unapologetic struggle with motherhood, a forthright engagement with the issues around parenthood and a powerful directness. Just check out ‘The Facts’ or ‘Shopping for Girls’ at Verity La. […]

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